13 Outdated And Terrifying SEO Tactics You Need To Be Aware Of

It is a well known fact that SEO tactics play an extremely important role in ensuring better visibility and higher rankings for a website. However, this can be ensured only when these tactics are changed and upgraded according to the changes in market trends and client expectations. Sadly, there are several SEO San Francisco tactics which despite having become outdated are still being used for business promotion. Given below are the brief details of 13 such outdated and terrifying tactics, some of which are ineffectively harmless while others can prove completely devastating for a website.

  1. Using link and article directories

Even though the use of link and article directories for categorizing websites has long passed, they are still in use today. A majority of SEO professional are still use these directories, completely ignoring the damaging consequences of the same on client website.

  1. Seeking Exact-Match Domains

Despite having been a preferred choice of search engines at one time, the exact match domains became less effective after Google updated its algorithms. Given the fact that these can be easily flagged for spam, the use of exact-match domains is considered risky and unreliable.

  1. Use Of Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal linking was blindly used by marketers as an easy method to get thousands of votes for their website. However, search engines soon recognized it as a manipulative linking practice hence stopped giving preferential rankings to such websites.

  1. Using Flat URL Architecture

Even though flat word URL is a default setting of WordPress, most SEO professionals don’t bother to change it. This in turn makes it difficult for the search engines to understand the hierarchy of a targeted website, earning it lower rankings.

  1. Unplanned Guest Blogging

When used in the right manner guest blogging can help enhance the goodwill and reach of a website considerably. However, the trend of using random guest blogging can have adverse affects, including the target websites getting penalized or even blacklisted by Google.

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  1. Excessive Use Of Keywords

Stuffing the keywords into a webpage has been one of the most common tactics for attracting the attention of target audiences. However, not only does this destroy the overall appeal and quality of the content but also diminishes its general trustworthiness.

  1. Use Of Exact-Match Anchor Text

Anchor text, which is the clickable text of a link was a major ranking factor at one time. As the marketers starting abusing this tactic, Google started doling out lower rankings to websites featuring excessive exact-match keyword-rich anchor text backlinks.

  1. Creating Separate Pages For Different Keyword Variations

Even though the use of keyword phrases has long ceased to exist, marketers still tend to fall in the trap of creating a separate webpage for every keyword variation. This leads to the creation a large number of unnecessary pages and ineffective indexing.

  1. Using Paid Links

Google has for long deemed using paid links for ensuring page as a clear violation of its webmaster guidelines. However, despite the risk of getting their client websites penalized, some SEO professionals simply refuse to give up this tactic as it offers great short term results.

  1. Using Poor Quality Content

Using poor quality content that is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes is an obsolete SEO tactic that has considerable negative effects on website rankings. Google’s preference for robust, well-written and engaging content, needs to be taken seriously for better visibility and rankings.

  1. Not Focusing On Target Audiences

Another aspect of using poor content is not taking into consideration the understanding power of the target audience. In fact, the lack of time and resources leads many SEO professionals to use content that does not make any sense to a real user and seem to be have written for bots.

  1. Create Multiple Interlinked Websites

Creating multiple websites that have been interlinked has ceased to be an effective SEO tactic in the modern times. In addition to increasing the risk of the websites getting penalized it also reduces the number of resources that can be used for marketing the primary website.

  1. Opting For Automated Link Building

The ease of using a variety of automated link building software programs led to them being used as a popular SEO resource. This approach not only violates Google webmaster guidelines, but also causes the links to be blasted into irrelevant places rendering them ineffective.

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