4 Things To Know Before Hiring An SEO Company In San Francisco

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” – Phil Frost

Being one of the best SEO company in San Francisco, we come across a lot of companies who are just so confused about hiring an SEO consultant. Hiring an expert can help you achieve high ranking in the Google Search Results, but finding a perfect person to do this can be a bit overwhelming. So while you want to hire a company for SEO in San Francisco, here is a quick guide that can help you decide:

Link Building And Ranking In Search Engines

Quick Fix is a Sham


This is the foremost thing you need to keep in mind that having a perfect SEO results overnight is a sham. Having a perfect SEO parameters in place is time taking and needs more patience than you can imagine. Always look for people who are honest about your actual SEO state and comes up with a realistic plan keeping in mind all nitty gritties that are involved in this work.

Nothing Good in This World Comes Without Money

Looking for cheaper SEO options can become an ultimate disaster recipe for your google search rankings and would do more harm than you can imagine. As tempting as it looks, the one-size-fits-all service is just not a good option in the long run. We have come across a lot of clients who are ruined because of low quality SEO services and helping them out took much more time and money than it would have taken if we did it from scratch.

‘SEO Snippets’ – A Video Series by Google to Help SEOs and Webmasters

Be Very Truthful About The Product

All you have to keep in mind is that it is not your pitch in Shark Tank where you just have to tell people how good your product is. No SEO company would ever be able to help you if you are not completely honest about everything there is to your product. A good SEO can become a negative branding for you if you are still not ready to handle such huge amount of traffic in terms of services.

For example, you own an e-commerce website that sells jewellery. A good SEO means a lot of potential customers with a lot of queries and orders. Failure to deliver to all of them in time can lead to a negative branding that no SEO could recover you from. Sobe very honest with your consultant so that they could set up a pace and effort according to your increasing strength on the business side.

What Is More Important – Keyword or ROI?

Definitely ROI. You do not want to with a company who is not concerned about the rate of conversion and the possible ROI for your business. SEO is not only about the increasing footfall on your website, it also should mean increased sales and a better user experience. People who say that keyword ranking would help you get on top in your SEO game, they are lying to you and you need to run from them as fast as you can.

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