4 Winning Types Of Blog Posts That Drive Social Shares

With the advent of a number of content writing services Dallas, secrets to a winning blog post is no longer a secret. According to the various companies offering content writing services Los Angeles, it is the quality content at a consistent schedule that plays the trick in grabbing the maximum number of social shares.

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Here is the list of winning types of blogs which are not very difficult to curate, but are capable enough in driving social shares:

  • Featured Snippets

The blog posts which answers the query or clear the doubts running in the minds of the customer is considered to be the best strategy by the top content writing services San Francisco. When you answer certain popular questions in the blog post, you win the Featured Snippet position which is displayed at the top of any organic search result; doubling the chances of being clicked.

  • Episodic Blog

It is a winner’s strategy, particularly if a good hook is given to the blog to retain the readership over the series of blogs. Such blogs are good for email marketing with readers eagerly looking for with the question, ‘What’s next?’

  • Refresh The Old Posts

Your older blogs might have done well, but lost due to newer posts better answering the queries. It’s time to give such posts a new sunshine. All you need to do is tweak the old blog posts by adding some current scenario things and repost. The rankings of this post will be better in comparison to the rankings of a new content.

  • How-To Blogs

These blogs address the concerns of readers having informational queries. These days, people want someone to tell them steps to do something. All you need to do is to research and find what people at large want to know and how the same can be applied to your niche and create content which gives them the step-by-step guide.

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