8 Effective Tips To Help Webmasters AMPlify Their Client Websites

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are becomingly an increasingly popular choice amongst webmasters to provide an enhanced web browsing experience to the users. The technology is designed to increase the speed of mobile web pages in a seamless manner without affecting the revenue generating capacity of the website. However, a large number of webmasters are still unable to get hold of the best ways in which they can AMPlify the websites of their clients. This is quite natural given the extremely short period of time for which AMP technology has been active. Discussed below are 8 most effective tips that can help webmasters to better AMPlify the websites of their clients.

  1. Starting In A Simple Manner

For websites that are designed using a well-known Content Management System,  AMPlifying the site is as simple as downloading and installing a relevant plug-in. However, in case a website is designed with the help of custom HTML or has been built from scratch, the webmasters might need to use additional development resources to AMPlify the site.

  1. Checking Suitability Of Website

Although AMP technology can help in enhancing the speed of almost all types of websites, there are certain exceptions as well. The technology does not prove as effective in case of single-page apps which are heavily loaded with dynamic and interactive features. These might include websites designed for route mapping, e-mail websites and social networking sites. For other websites having a more static content such as those designed to provide news, movie listings, reviews, blogs, product details, recopies and videos etc, AMP can rove extremely beneficial.

  1. AMPlify Only Specific Pages

One of the most common mistakes made by webmasters is to AMPlify the entire website at once. This can actually complicate things, without providing the comprehensive benefits of implementing AMP technology. It is best for the webmasters to start with AMPlifying web pages that contain simple and static content. These pages are generally the ones that are most accessed by the users and hence prove beneficial for the entire website. At the same time, the webmasters get ample time to AMPlify pages that require advanced functionality. If the website is being built from scratch, it is advisable to AMPlify it completely from the very beginning.

  1. AMP Technolony is Still Developing

Many times the webmasters might be required to AMPlify a site, whose format is not supported by this innovative technology. In such cases the webmasters need to bear in mind that the technology is still developing and they can requisite support by filing for feature request service on GitHub. Alternately, webmasters can take benefit from the fact that the technology is open source and if they feel competent enough, they can develop the required component on their own.

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  1. Simply AMPlifying The Pages Might not Be Enough

It is important for the webmasters to understand that simply AMPlifying web pages might not be enough to ensure that the pages show up in Google search results. Some pages have specific additional requirements other than just having valid AMP HTML. The best example of such a scenario is when webmasters need to mark up the AMP pages as Article markup having structured data to make the pages eligible for being included in the Google Top Stories section.

  1. Website Ranking Is Not Affected By Search

Not many webmasters are aware of the fact that the ranking of their client website within the result pages of a search engine is not affected by whether or not it features valid and eligible AMP pages. This essentially means that AMPlifying web pages does not change the visibility or position of the website in SERP and does not affect is SEO. However, the web pages that are AMPlified appear with an icon when they appear in the search results.

  1. Google Intends To Expand AMP On A Global Level

Google plans to launch the AMP search results on a global level in the near future. Even in the current times many countries and languages across the globe support the Top Stories carousel, which is designed to display AMP content that is new and fresh.

  1. Help Is Just A Few Keystrokes Away

In case the webmasters still have any unresolved queries related to AMPlifying their client website, they can check out the various useful resources available online which primarily include the following

  • Webmasters Help Forum : Here the webmasters can ask questions related to AMP and also about its implementation by Google.
  • Stack Overflow : This resource enables the webmasters to make technical queries related to AMP.
  • GitHub : This resource enables webmasters to submit a feature request or to contribute a feature developed by them.

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