A Brief Analysis Of The Features Of SEO PowerSuite

When it comes to automation of SEO processes, professionals today are spoilt for choice. However, it is often this wide array of choice that makes it difficult for the SEO professionals to choose the best set of tools for each phase of SEO routine. The solution to this problem can be found in SEO PowerSuite, which offers an ideal combination of tools designed for covering a wide variety of SEO tasks. Discussed below are the brief details of the various tools of the PowerSuite that can help with the management of almost any SEO task.


WebSite Auditor Tool

This tool is designed to handle two major SEO functionalities, namely that of page optimization and technical site auditing. The tool can be used to perform the below listed tasks that form an integral part of any good SEO strategy.

  • Perform a technical audit of the website
  • Create interactive site maps for better visualization of site structure
  • Help with the optimization of individual web pages
  • Performs page optimization for topical relevance to ensure better rankings

Rank Tracker Tool

The right keywords form the backbone of any good SEO strategy and the Rank Tracker tool helps with not only finding new keywords but also tracking their rankings. The tool can be used for managing the below listed tasks.

  • Find the most relevant keywords for individual websites based on various factors.
  • Distribute the researched keywords into groups according to their semantic similarities.
  • Enable websites to select their target search engines from a list of more than 570 options.
  • Helps to monitor website rankings for an unlimited number of keywords.

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SEO SpyGlass Tool

This tool helps the SEO professionals to find all the backlinks to the website and perform an audit on them to find the ones that can prove dangerous for the website. The tool can be used to accomplish the following tasks.

  • The tool provides a comprehensive backlink profile for the website.
  • It helps to detect and deal with any potentially dangerous backlinks.
  • It accesses the overall link analytics and even compares them with those of competitors.

Link Assistant

The tool helps with better management of link-building process by enabling SEO professionals to perform the task in a faster, efficient and reliable manner. The following tasks can be performed with the help of this tool.

  • It offers 12 different methods to search for link prospects.
  • It uses several quality metrics to access the suitability of prospective links.

It helps establish contact with the prospective links and manage them efficiently.


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