A Comprehensive Analysis Of The What, How, Why And Other Aspects Of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages were introduced by Google nearly three years back with the primary objective of ensuring a significant improvement in mobile web performance. Since that time, the use of AMP has been growing exponentially with a majority of top publishers and professionals of ecommerce website design Los Angeles have adopted AMP for news and blog related content to help improve their organic results. However, despite this growing popularity, there is still a lot of speculation about the worthiness of the using AMP within the online community. The most effective way for a SEO company in San Francisco to educate its clients about AMP and its benefits is by helping them understand its various aspects, including what, how and why of AMP.

What Is AMP?

The simplest way to define AMP is that it is an open-source library that makes it possible to create compelling, smooth and fast loading web pages in a relatively straightforward manner. The fact that it is supported by diverse platforms and is also compatible with almost every major browser being used by the internet community also enhances the appeal of AMP for an SEO company Washington dc. In more technical terms, AMP creates stripped down HTML version of the existing webpage content leading to faster loading time as compared to standard HTML 5 webpage.

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How To Customize AMP?

Before familiarizing their clients with the process of customizing AMP, the providers of best SEO services New York need to inform them about the three step configuration of pages containing AMP code. This includes the stripped down HTML with unique tags, stripped down JS for eliminating unnecessary rendering and fetching resources and the optimized CDN network designed to cache pages and their immediate adaptation to AMP code. Having provided this basic information makes it easier for the ecommerce website design Dallas professionals to educate their clients about AMP customization. The webmasters can use either Google Search Console or even their HTML for optimizing AMP and making it customizable and trackable. There are several commands that can used to complete the process and the details of the same can be exploring the Google Search Console. Once the AMP documents have been customized, it is essential for the professionals of an SEO company Philadelphia to update the AMP cache. This can be done with the help of the simple command of “update-cache” request, to ensure that the customization changes are reflected universally.

Why AMP?

There is no denying the fact that implementing AMP helps to improve the loading speed of web pages. In addition, it is also probably favoured by the Google search results, besides which it offers other tangible benefits. However, the most important reason that an SEO company Washington DC feels justifies the implementation of AMP is the growing focus of SEO services on pages designed for mobile devices and smaller screens. In fact, the very evolution of AMP was based on the exponential increase in the number of people using such devices to access the internet. While the implementation of AMP has proved most beneficial for publishers, the providers of Nashville SEO services believe that it will help in ensuring a great mobile search experience through responsive web pages.

Listed below are the various factors that make adapting AMP an obvious choice for companies offering ecommerce web design San Francisco services.

  • When the speed of the webpage is a ranking factor for mobile and desktop indexes in Google search results
  • When even a 1-second delay in loading speed can reduce the conversion rates by a significant margin
  • When the likelihood of AMP being a ranking factor in mobile first index is quite high.

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