AdSense Auto Ads: Get An Introduction

Content is the king and a great content makes way for good business for publishing houses. We can’t deny the fact. AdSense plays a vital role in generating revenue for your site. AdSense Auto Ads is a new inclusion in the way how you advertise and monetize. It is till date the most intelligent tool that places ads on behalf of you. You save on labour and time. AdSense Auto Ads decides the best placement option and decides the best way to monetize. You have one task and that is placing the code to the pages you want to monetize from. Google will take care of your task and that has made life simple.

Benefits of AdSense Auto Ads

  • The ads will be shown only when the machine learning that is AdSense Auto Ads feels that it is the right time to make money
  • There will be more revenue opportunities as AdSense Auto Ads will identify opportunities of earning by placing ads on spaces whenever it feels has a better potential
  • It is absolutely easy to use because you need to only place the code on the pages

Working Process

If you want to get started with AdSense Auto Ads, Simply choose the ad format to be shown on the selected pages. Now, place the codes on the pages you want and you are free from your responsibility.


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How to get started with AdSense Auto Ads?

You need not worry if you are already using an old account or using anchor or vignette. Auto Ads will consider everything in operation and start functioning accordingly.

  • First of all, sign in to your AdSense Account
  • You will see My Ads on the left navigation panel. Choose My Ads and then select Get Started
  • You will be taken to “Choose your global setting” page. Choose the format you want and click on “Save”
  • Being directed to the next page, click on the code and copy it
  • It is time to paste the code between <head> and <head> tags that you find on each page. In short, the pages where you want the ads to show
  • Soon after the steps followed, the ads will start playing in the next 10 to 20 minutes

It is a new technique used by Google to reduce human labor and get more profits out of this. Machine learning ability of AdSense is a revolution that can change the way you have been earning.

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