All About Organic Conversions

Many organisations hire the services of the top SEO company Hong Kong for the purpose of tracking the conversions.

Are Blog Comments Useful?

A conversion is nothing but an action or a series of action the website wants the visitors to take on landing up on the website. The simplest of conversion leads to sales or leads, but it can certainly go much beyond that. The website owners often commit the mistake of only considering the last click in the conversion path to track conversions. However, the companies providing top SEO services Hong Kong advocates understanding each and every step in the customer’s journey, instead of just the last click.

This is often done using the tools available in Google Analytics. It has a number of pre-defined attribution models which can be used to weigh and dice the actions which contributed to the conversions. The best SEO HK company believes that the best way to learn the attribution model is to play around it using different ideas and thought processes.