Are Blog Comments Useful?

There was a time when people used to comment on the blogs of the website with the sole purpose of dropping links. Several years ago, this strategy worked well and was advocated by even the best Vancouver SEO services companies.

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But with this strategy, the age of thoughtful comments from people who take time to read the blog was totally out of order. Spammers developed tools for automating the process of blog commenting.

Although blog commenting is an outdated strategy, but the companies offering top SEO services Montreal still believes it to be result oriented if utilized properly. This can be used within the bloggers’ community by posting value added comments and support to each other’s blog.

There is no denying the fact that blog comments help in improving the website’s rankings. The best Ottawa SEO company maintains that loads of comments on a blog post signal that the content is highly engaging one and user’s comments can be used as an additional insight into the topic of the blog,

To conclude, adding relevant and valuable comments on blogs can help in increasing expertise on the subject.