BERT Update And Its Affect On Content Marketing

Google regularly releases updates for search algorithms for making the online search easy and relevant at the same time. BERT update is one such update which is released in 2019 and is considered as a big leap in the search history.

BERT is the abbreviated form of Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers and helps the search engine understand the searches which are conducted in conversational tone. The best SEO company Toronto believes that BERT update can prove to be useful for content marketing as it understands the language as well as phrases like a human and not like a robot.

Google Search News – November Edition!

The top Montreal SEO company needs to understand the fact that BERT analyzes the search queries and not the content present on the page. It does not affect the manner in which the content is created for the users. With the BERT update, the search engines try to interpret the string of words by developing context to other words.

According to the best Ottawa SEO company, the BERT update helps Google in eliminating ‘Keyword-ese’, which is a term used for defining the phenomenon of searchers making use of awkward string of words for making the Google search.

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