Chapter Five of SEO: Trust, Search Rankings And Authority

Search is an important criterion for any website to rank better. It is the trust that plays a vital role in maintaining the reputation and giving your website a hold on the authority. Search engines not only trust links or authorities but also trust websites and give you an edge. It is the trust of the website that helps it to either succeed or fail in the long run.

The Authority

Does your website have an authority on website for the field you have chosen? Every business runs through the authority of the website they have. It is mysterious to everyone as to how authority is calculated or interpreted. The major roles that can play in building your authority may be the traffic, engagement factor, social references and more play a huge role in helping a site owner build the authority. Authority is an important aspect for the success of your business and you can’t ignore it. Try to build it as soon as possible and then start ranking.


How do you know a person is popular? It is with the fan following he or she has? Similarly, when more visitors engage with the website and they like staying on the page for a while than just randomly pay a visit and leave, you gain engagement score. This also helps in building the trust of the website. Without engagement of the website, the website can be deemed low in performance and quality. Lack of engagement can be due to poor content quality, complicated website, non-engagement on the site and much more. Try to ensure that the engagement parameter is checked eventually.

Site Architecture – A Key To SEO Success Factor


The history of your website can be crucial. The search engine frequently visits your website to check how you have been performing since the time you built the website. It will check everything; from how contents were updated, how was the quality, how frequently you updated, what was the engagement factor and so much more than this. The search engine will also check if the site had undergone any penalty for violating any policy in the past. Every intricate detail will be under radar and up for check to ensure that you are trusted.

If you are a website owner and have all these three factors checked, you will not have any problem. Prevention is better than cure. Digital marketing domain is growing huge with every passing year. For you to create a space for your website, follow the advice that are important to helping you maintain a reputation and domain authority.

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