Decoding The Various Aspects Of BERT Update

The biggest change from Google’s kitty has been the BERT update. Many website owners ran towards the best Baltimore SEO company for managing the BERT update.

Google Search News – January 2020 Episode

Let’s decode its various aspects:

  • BERT is a neural network and works on NLP Model.
  • It makes use of both the structure and context of the words in a sentence. This is the reason, the top SEO company in Boston advises the clients maintaining websites to focus on good content instead of long content in order to win the BERT race.
  • Further, even the best SEO company Las Vegas can’t simply optimize BERT. This is because there is no short cut to good content and BERT looks for good content. The route remains with maintaining the quality of content and never compromising on it.

However, BERT is not good when it comes to understanding the negations present in a sentence. Thus, it is not able to understand what things are not.

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