Did You Know About The Google Donate Button?

There are huge fan followings for the non-profit organizations. When you search for these organizations online, donating wasn’t that easy. Now, you can donate directly from the search engine page and we must be grateful to Google for this. The feature is available for maximum non-profit organizations based out of the USA.

The announcement by Google was made recently and this has made the donation process quite user friendly for those actively participating in donations to such organizations. Other than making donations easily, you will be able to check the history of transaction of the organization along with the contact details of the organization.


This initiative by Google has been taken when most of the people are actively involved in philanthropy during festivals and what can be a better time than this? This is also to ensure that humanity is maintained through such acts of giving that gets an obstacle when the process of giving is not that simpler.

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Here are the benefits of being associated with Google Non-Profits-

  • More and more people will start trusting you and even big organizations. This way, you will get visibility and also the much-needed funds for your work to continue
  • You easily get funds from common man and other small organizations with the donate button on the search engine
  • You get more authenticity in the world

Your cause is given the required wings by Google. This is an initiative that may change the way Non-Profitable Organizations have been working. Let us hope for the best that this simple yet effective step by Google makes the most of its use in the coming days. It is good news for all the Non-Profits. If you want to know your favorite organizations can be donated from the search engine or not, you know how to check it now.

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