Effective Ways For Improving Page Speed Performance

Page speed is one of the essential role players in any SEO campaign. Google these days has started putting more thrust on page speed when it is about ranking the web pages. This is the reason page speed optimization is the utmost priority of top SEO Amsterdam companies.

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Here are ways for improving page speed performance:

  • Enable Compression

The SEO Amsterdam company makes use of graphic tools for compressing the images in order to retain the image quality. The file compression enhances speed by almost 90%.

  • Reduced Redirects

When a page redirects to other web page, it increases the server loading time, which affects the speed. Thus, by reducing the number of redirects the page speed can be increased.

  • Server Response Time Optimization

To optimize server response time, factors such as traffic volume, page elements, and web hosting platform are considered. The SEO expert needs to ensure that the server response time is less than 200ms.

  • Image Optimization

The format of the images should be checked, particularly the bulky and large ones which can slow down the speed of the web page.

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