Engaging Users Through High Quality AMP Pages

AMP is a new phrase you may lately observe, but what is it exactly? AMP is short for Multiplied Mobile Pages, a project from Google and Twitter designed to make really quick mobile pages. It comprises of HTML, Javascript, and storage cache collections that, thanks to specific additions and AMP-focused qualities, speed up fill rate for mobile pages, even if they function ‘heavy’ material like infographics, PDFs, audio or video clips.

Why do we need fast mobile pages?

In a mobile-first world, quick mobile websites are vital for viewers’ preservation. We need quick websites to successfully achieve and engage the ever-growing mobile market. No one wants to hold back for a web site to fill 7+ seconds with filling ads blocking the information that they want. Customers successfully “give up” on more slowly websites (they do not hold out for slowly websites to get quick, they click on a better site). Creating fast, well-organized websites require continuous up-dates from complete development groups. AMP was created to answer the slow-website problem–making websites more effective.

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What does AMP do?

In easier terms, when users search for news or any common keyword, Search engines will display a ‘carousel’ featuring experiences from AMP-enabled websites at the top of search results. AMP makes uncomplicated, easy to handle websites and ads that are built in the free structure, fill immediately, and give users a simple, more interesting experience on mobile and desktop. Moreover, AMP gets rid of certain components that take a significant cost of your website’s rate and efficiency. In addition to benefitting the user, AMP also benefits the web designers using AMP technology. AMP can reduce the burden on a web server and improve efficiency against the traffic that is produced by mobile users. Mobile ranking can also be enhanced with AMP. “Mobile friendliness” and loading time are key factors for natural mobile search results and so with the use of AMP, your website can move greater on the search results ladder.

Biggest takeaways of AMP

AMPs were developed to benefit legibility and rate. AMP pictures are sluggish packed, significance that they won’t fill unless scrolled into perspective. Ads dislodge material, rather than taking up and preventing your perspective. AMPs style rulings ensure that animated graphics can be GPU-accelerated. Mobile friendly websites already achieve greater rankings than regular websites do when using a mobile search, and while mobile SEO does not account for AMP pages at the moment, it is potential that they will be taking top positions for future queries. All in all, the speed is key when trying to achieve your viewers and keep them on your website. With AMP, users get the fastest experience possible.

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