Facts About Rich Results On SEO Search

SEO search is a way to get leads to your website to make your data or content usable by the maximum audience. But how do you pull or attract the traffic to your website? This is the biggest question that each SEO expert tries to find or at least answer if they have the success story to tell. Well the news today is that rich results are a term which is being used a lot ever since 19 December 2017. There are many links that state the “rich” word to pull traffic to their website. But is this website really rich in what they showcase? Let us find it out in detail.


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How to Obtain Rich Results?

Getting rich results is not a difficult task as it seems to be. All you need is an approach towards the structured data. If your data is well balanced and provides the answers to the questions that users have, then you are sorted forever. But finding the right content is always a challenge. We as a website have a specific product or a service that needs to be showcased across the globe and it should be done in a way. If you use WordPress then you can make a good impact on the audience and add some plug ins that would help you to be on top of things.

Google Preferences

Google has three formats that it depends upon and the most loved one is JSON-LD which stands for Java Script Object Notation – Linked Data. This is presented in JavaScript format and is most trusted. The best part about this format is that it does not disturb the users while it displays the content on the website. This makes the operation smooth enough.

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No Guarantee

We may do all that is important to make our page rich in results but Google may have other plans for us and would not even show the data on the website. This may have many reasons that Google lists down irrespective of the structured approach. Google may use the many parameters such as the location or the history or the type of device being used to decide what needs to be shown. It may decide that a simple blue link is appropriate rather the jazzy type of links. The content may miss out on the actual information as per Google and therefore it does not qualify for the page. The data may be incorrect and may not be caught in the testing tool to make it misleading.

There are a few guidelines that are followed when you upload your data on Google and the content may not qualify on these guidelines. So always find the features that abide by the guidelines of Google. This is better known by the SEO experts and the developers of the websites. This is the base of any new model and for the old ones that need an update. So now you know what to look for in a rich result content and may be take some notes from the ones that are already tagged as rich results.

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