Fight Against Spam With Google’s ReCAPTCHA Android API

While surfing the Internet you have probably come across many websites that request you to finish a CAPTCHA challenge in order to confirm whether or not you’re a human visitor. It is irritating to users and when you are in a hurry to accomplish certain things, it gets on your nerves. However, it has its positive side too as it detects spam and other misleading activity that keeps on happening while surfing the internet.

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Google’s reCAPTCHA is one of the most famous CAPTCHA solutions out there that have assisted an incredible variety of websites in blocking spam and scripted bots. Google obtained reCAPTCHA back during 2009 from a group of students at Carnegie Mellon University’s main Pittsburgh campus and managed to get free to use. Now, the company is providing service to the Android platform so that app designers can also make the most of it in their applications.

Google features reCAPTCHA Android API that uses an advanced risk analysis engine to protect applications from spam and other violent activities such as bots. If the service suspects that the customer communicating with the app might be a bot instead of a human, it provides a CAPTCHA that a human must fix before the app can proceed to execute.

The use of the new reCAPTCHA API allows the Turing test to be done behind the moments without disturbing the customer on whatever they are doing. Thus, there is no need for customers to mark checkboxes, read distorted words, or type down a street or house number when obtaining certain app functions. What creates this possible is Google’s latest Invisible reCAPTCHA technology that operates a risk analysis test in the background. In case that the reCAPTCHA service suspects that a bot is obtaining the program, the API will provide certain tests that the users must fix in order to confirm that they are not bots.

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More About it

  • This new API is a part of the Google SafetyNet, which provides a set of APIs that concentrates on protection measures like device attestation, discovering bad URLs, identifying fake users, and identifying dangerous applications.
  • The inclusion of the reCAPTCHA API increases possibly the Google Safetynet to protect the app developers’ systems from potential hacking or DDoS strikes through the inclusion of a user attestation service.
  • These security features offered by Google’s Safetynet APIs have been used by several well-known applications like Pokemon GO, Netflix, and Android Pay to limit the use or set up their applications on rooted devices.

Apple’s iOS is the next stop

Google is not just limiting the accessibility of ReCAPTCHA to Android but is also in plans to bring its existence to Apple’s iOS as well. It would be exciting to see its adoption among iOS developers. This can go a long way in resolving the internet spam issues that users face every time they log into a system or site. Patience pays and although you have to type in the CAPTCHA, do it as it protects your privacy.

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