Four Pillars Of SEO Strategy To Apply

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important tools to use in getting the Google ranking on top. Rome was not built in a day. Even if you are a specialist, you need to know the best strategies to apply for excellent result in a short span of time if not the shortest time possible. If you try to check for the strategies, you will find a number of them. You will be confused; however, they are the best in giving you results.

Four Pillars of SEO Strategy to Apply

There are many factors that come together to work in favor of you. You may not want to get tangled in every strategy that is available; but having four pillars of SEO in mind to get the desired result can be effective.

Pillars that you shouldn’t ignore

Technical SEO: This is the technical aspect of an SEO. You will want to have the best index and crawl required. It is a little complicated and hassling. The main areas of interest in this part of SEO are crawl, mobile, index, speed, tech and hierarchy. This is used when you are using some other tools but WordPress. In case of WordPress, you can avoid the technical SEO part.

On-Site SEO Optimization: Optimization of your site is very important. You need to get this right for results that can make a difference later. Your business is vital to you and with this strategy in mind, you get better results in terms of making your website rank. The areas in which more focus is put are-

  • Descriptive URLs
  • Keyword search
  • Meta descriptions
  • Good user experience
  • Strong calls to action
  • Page titles
  • Structured data markup

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With these optimization techniques put in place and perfectly, you will be happy with the result that comes your way later.

Content: No matter how beautiful or user-friendly your site is, if the content lacks quality, you will fail to impress people. Gone are the days when other strategies were considered the most important aspects. With creating and developing quality contents, you get the best customer reaction and traffic that will eventually give a boost to your website and Google ranking. After the content has been created, ensure that the content is optimized throughout all the sites where you have shared the content. Keep on updating the content as and when required because change is good and it shows versatility. Without versatility, a website cannot improve its popularity.

Off-Site Authority Building: When everything else has been taken care of, building authority is one of the most important aspects. Without authority, no site can gain attention of the viewers. This is authority building. You need to add links appropriately and on off sites according to the need. With better linking, you gain immense authority. Many people add links that actually don’t make sense to the readers. That is added for the heck of adding. You can get rid of that habit by practicing organic linking habit so that quality is maintained throughout.

Most of us think of SEO to be a complicated topic. It is just the other way around. With simple yet effective techniques, you know that SEO can get you results that you have been waiting to get for long. If you follow the above mentioned four-pillars, you will be able to gain more traffic, improve search engine ranking and also be able to improve your business organically.

SEO, done correctly is the most organic way of getting the best out of your website. You will have the power in your hand to rise higher and gain more in business.

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