Frequency Of Email Marketing – A Must Know Consideration!

Email marketing is considered to be one of the best ways to reach a larger pool of audience and turn the leads into clients. But it also remains a fact that more than 70% of users are unsubscribing from the promotional emails because their inbox is being bombarded with such mails.

Tips To Ensure That Leads Are Nurtured

Here are the best practices to be considered when initiating an email marketing campaign:

  • Email Timings

The best SEO company in Israel maintains that the time of the email is dependent upon the product the company is offering to customers. For instance, news update should be sent daily, but retail companies should send mails only on big shopping days.

  • Let Customer Choose Timings For Email

The top Israel SEO companies give option to the customer to decide frequency of emails in terms of receiving daily, weekly, fortnightly or unsubscribe, thus allowing them to tailor their marketing experience.

  • Quality

Number of emails is of no significance if what you are sending is not the quality or useful content. Thus, it is important to be creative in marketing the product to your audience.

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