Google AdWords – Enhancing The Knowledge Of SEO Professionals About Four Key Concepts

Google Adwords is one of the most extensively used online app for finding the right keywords and phrases to help DC SEO company as well as SEO professionals across the globe in enhancing the visibility and ranking of their client websites. However, not many professionals are aware of the fact that the app can also help providers of best SEO Services New York to learn more about the four key concepts used in the optimization process. These four concepts are discussed in brief as follows.

Negative Keywords : Negative keywords are defined as keywords and phrases for which a client website should not be showing up in the search result pages. Being aware of the negative keywords helps the SEO professionals to keep a look out and ensure that these do not pop up in any content related to their client website.  A well managed Google AdWords San Francisco account will probably have a considerable collection of negative keywords. However, rather than feeling overwhelmed, the SEO professionals need to focus on presenting this information in a positive manner to make it beneficial for the client business.


Title Tags And Meta Descriptions : A common mistake made by SEO professionals is to get the title tags and meta descriptions written once and then forget them. Only the best SEO company in Philadelphia understands the significance of tweaking these tags and descriptions from time to time. However, many times even the regular tweaking might not provide the desired results. In such cases, the San Francisco SEO professionals can use the Google Search Console to identify the title tags with a high ranking and low click rate.  They can then run an AdWords campaign using new title tags to test if they bring higher click-rates. These can then be used in meta-descriptions as well.

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Word Combinations : Many professionals using AdWords are still not familiar with the concept of broad match modifier. The concept is useful for Nashville SEO company seeking to capture a wide range of keyword combinations in a relatively short time. The concept can also help the SEO professionals to come up with several new content ideas as it will help them learn about the strangest phrasing ideas that people tend to come up with. Google AdWords can help the SEO experts to get accurate data about what their customers are trying to say through their search phrases. This makes it easier for the SEO professionals to provide them with the appropriate and relevant content.

Extensions : Extensions, which are the little snippets that appear under an ad, have become extremely popular over the past several years. Using loaded extensions is highly advisable as they can help improve the click-through rate for a website quite significantly. In this context, call out extensions are truly great as they provide little site links that act like free trials for prospective users. Using the appropriate language in the call out extensions can help the SEO professionals working with Google AdWords Los Angeles to provide the appropriate call-to-action buttons. They can also learn about the highest performing call out extensions and use the same as call-to-action copy on the actual client websites.


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