Google Algorithm Updates: SEO and Analysis

It is no more algo. Now it is aggro and this is what google algorithm has changed to at present. SEO experts have to change their way of optimizing sites according to this new update. This new update has disappointed many but don’t be worried as understanding the change can help in a big way.

Several tests are conducted SEOs to check the impact of SEO techniques on various client sites. It is the higher management that has to bear the consequences of frustrated clients as there has been no result of late for the new changes by Google.


36 percent respondents don’t know the reason behind the latest Google update that has impacted client’s sites adversely. This targets at the fact that either Google lacks the communication of any new update on algorithms or SEO technicians need to be on top of their game to stay abreast with the latest updates every now and then.

From a 44 percent SEO who say that algorithm change happens frequently, 26 percent of them say that they don’t know how to react to the change and 25 percent say that they turn stressful with latest updates. These reactions are rational and everyone will have the same reaction. It is time all of us learn the situation and be ready for any update that happens.

Next time any update as such hits, you need to make the SEO team in your office well prepared and learned about the updates before they impact the business of the clients and your business, of course.

It is true that most of the people have confessed that due to uninformed Google updates, marketing companies have lost their valuable clients. This is truly demotivating. Not everyone loses the clients. People who are smart and know how to handle the situation sail through seamlessly. Instead of getting a panic attack, SEO team must ensure to inform the clients of the updates by Google and sensitize them to avoid an outburst in future.

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Relationship between Client and Agency

There is no denying the fact that agencies and clients can’t live without the co-operation of each other. With more updates from Google, clients need the help of agencies to get the ball rolling in their court. SEOs that understand this fact ensure to go that extra mile in making a client happy and satisfied in the optimization of their site.

What should you do when there is a Google update?

First of all, check the ranking of your client’s website by running a report. Make an analysis of the sites that have been affected with the update and try to find the common link. This way, you know what needs to be done next. Also check if there is any highest ranking page that has got impacted too.

Following these rules, you will know to maintain the balance between algorithm updates by Google and the action plan for tackling the situation. Are you ready for the next update?

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