Google Confirms The Status of AMP As A Non Search Ranking Signal For Now

In the last quarter of 2015, Google unveiled its latest technology named AMP that is expected to enhance the speed of mobile web for a better browsing experience. AMP or accelerated web pages is an open source project that has been initiated with the objective of improving the distribution ecosystem. It aims to ensure faster loading of optimized web pages across mobile devices. The technology has been developed in collaboration with service partners including Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Chartbeat, Parsely.

What Is AMP

Put in the simplest terms, AMP combines several technologies that help in rendering a wide variety of documents in a faster and clearer manner across all modern web browsers. It is based on implementing code-sub setting to exclude those aspects of the scripting languages that load slowly. These primarily include use of third-party and author written JavaScripts, specific HTML tags such as forms etc and using a more streamlined version of CSS. The technology is being considered as a best available solution for resolving the problems of mobile web ecosystem for users, publishers, creators and consumer platforms.

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Why Opt For AMP

AMP is expected to offer various benefits to both mobile web users and publishers, the most important of which are as follows.

  • It ensures faster loading of web pages in a qualitative manner irrespective of the type mobile device being used.
  • It offers the benefit of easily cacheable content across a wide range of content delivery networks (CDN’s).
  • The possibility of visual jank is minimized leading to the loading of more stable and clearer web pages.
  • It ensures a more stable view as any changes in size of a page are restricted with the need of the resources to declare their sizing beforehand.

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AMP As Search Ranking Signal

In December 2015, Google had suggested that AMP might someday attain the status of a search ranking signal. However, clarifying about the possibility, the company has said that while this might be an occurrence in the future, at present AMP technology does not qualify as a ranking signal on its own. This is because the technology is not being used too extensively as yet. So while it can be used for a more mobile friendly web browsing experience, it has still a long way to go before it can be treated as a ranking signal. Meanwhile, Google plans to expand the technology beyond the news box. This is being done in order to reduce the expected time frame for AMP to become a ranking signal.

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