Google Has Released A Beta Version Of The Search Console

In This New Development, Google Releases It New Google Search Console Report To All Its Verified Users.

Its good news for all the users, now you can track your search engine reports independently and make your page better. Once you are a verified user, in this beta version of the console, you will be able to access and analyse the index coverage, AMP status, search performance and job posting reports.

Google has attributed the reasons for making all these reports free to all is the quicker resolution of issues, better user interface, better two-way communication between Google and website owners.

This particular report will also have a year plus worth of data which was a request from the industry.

Users can use both versions of the search console side-by-side. Google is currently adding the features of the classic version into the new Google console version and until it is done, users can use both the options through a link in the navigation bar.

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Revoking access  if you are in a shared group setting is easy in the newer version.

Search Performance Report:


The report of the beta version lets you see the clicks, CTR, average position, impressions etc. It also lets you analyse and filter by web, image or video search results and segment by query, page, and country or device type. Google indicates this data will also soon be available via the Search Console API.

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Index Coverage Report:


The special feature about the Index coverage in this version of the console is that it lists indexed URLs and gives warnings about issues encountered in indexing- along with reasons for why Google isn’t indexing some URLs. So in all, Index coverage report is overall similar to Index status report.

The report shows changes over time and improvements to site indexing over a given time frame.

Clicking on any error URL will bring up links to diagnostics tools, as well as a way to resubmit the URL for indexing. The data can also be exported for deeper analysis. Google notes that this report “works best for sites that submit sitemap files.”

AMP Status Report:

Any errors and warnings around your AMP URLs are given in the AMP status report.

It highlights the URLs which have issues, gives a diagnosis of the issue and lets you fix the issue. After this, it then tests to ensure that the AMP URL is now valid.

Google has declared that you can give the command to allow the search console to validate the fix across multiple pages. Once the issue is resolved, Google has said it will “crawl and reprocess the affected URLs with a higher priority.” Also, the AMP reports can be shared with external teams.

Job Posting Report:

Now you can get better insights about all the job postings you post on your site in the Job Posting report. This will help you know the hits and other statistics for your postings and also indexing issues if there are any.

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