Google I/O 2018 – Helpful Sessions For Webmasters And SEO Specialists

Held from May 8 to May 10, 2018, this year’s Google I/O was one of the most sort after event for SEO experts and webmasters. Held in California for an international audience of 7000+ developers, a lot of activities happen in this annual developers festival. New product announcements were made and new APIs and frameworks were introduced. Some of the most talented Product Managers present the latest from Google.

Google IO is a developer

The event held a lot of important information not only for the people who physically attended the sessions. Many conferences and talks were live streamed on YouTube so that people from all over the world can take advantage of these enlightening talks. Dozens of talks took place over a span of 3 days. Google then handpicked the talks that they thought will be more advantageous for SEO professionals and webmasters all over the world.

Each talk brought a lot of insightful information for the experts to learn new lessons and use that lessons in reaching new cornerstones in their fields.

Google IO is a developera

Some of the Important Sessions Were:

  1. Web Security post Spectre/Meltdown, with Emily Schechter and Chris Palmer

With the earthquake of Spectre/Meltdown giving a huge bolt to security, there can be a few steps that can be taken by developers in order to maximize site safety. This session covered about what lessons can be learned for future security measures as well as what fixes can be done in order to stay protected today.

  1. Building a seamless web with Chrome by Dru Knox and Stephan Somogyi

Chrome is making it easier, cheaper and more reliable to give a quality user experience to the web users. In this session, you will get to learn about the new development patterns and APIs that would help websites achieve better user experience and great performance even with embedded content.

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  1. Web Performance and Increasing control over the loading experience by Ewa Gasperowicz and Addy Osmani

This session was all about getting more control over your loading experience. In a world full of seconds, building a fast site is very important. Ewa and Addy taught about the lessons they have  learnt regarding what makes a website load quickly and work smoothly. You will learn how to fix the most common web performance bottlenecks  by using tools like DevTools and Lighthouse.

  1. Building Search-friendly JavaScript websites by John Mueller and Tom Greenaway

This session was all about best practices to build and deploy indexable websites using JavaScript Frameworks. Lessons learnt from this session would be applicable across multiple platforms that is Angular, React, Polymer etc. You will also get to learn about search friendly designs and SEO best practices.

  1. Building a successful web presence with Google Search by John Mueller and Mariya Moe

One of the most important source of traffic to your website  is Google Search Engine and hence it can not be ignored at any cost. This session highlighted ways to build out a website’s presence in Search Engine through hosting platforms, CMS or plugins.

This list is a small sample. In this event, a lot of important information worth reading got generated.


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