Google I/O 2019 – Key Sessions That Can Prove Highly Beneficial For SEO’s And Webmasters

Every year, countless events are organized across the globe for IT professionals from different niches. One such event, named Google I/O, is held annually targeting the vast community of web developers working in different parts of the world. Even though the event is organized mostly for the benefit of developers, it also provides valuable information and insights for IT professionals from other niches.

This year’s Google I/O 2019, the three-day long developers festival, concluded on 9th May in California. The event was attended by more than 7000 developers from across the globe. The attendees witnessed announcements of new products as well as the introduction of new frameworks and API’s. In addition, several conferences and talk sessions were also streamed live on youtube for the benefit of developers, who were not able to attend the event in person.

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In addition, to providing valuable information for the benefit of developers, the event also comprised of sessions that can prove helpful for professional SEOs and webmasters. These sessions helped the SEO professionals and webmasters to learn about useful tools and strategies to provide better services to their clients. All these sessions were conducted in English, making it easier for SEO’s and webmasters to understand the topics and concepts being discussed.

These sessions covered a wide range of issues that SEOs and webmasters might find challenging in their everyday work. These included building successful websites, using structured data for enhancing search and assistant presence, building better web experiences with the help of AMP and many other similar topics. The good thing is that these sessions can still be watched online, even though the event has long since concluded. However, interested SEO professionals and webmasters might have to do some research for finding the same on youtube.

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