Google PageSpeed Insights Will Give You Real-world Information About Your Website’s Performance

Based on user’s experiences on Chrome, it will provide insights about your website’s speed.

Owners of business websites, rejoice! Google has recently announced that they have updated the Pagespeed Insights tool which analyses how users access your pages. This means, if they are using Chrome to browse and access this page, Google may use that data to determine how fast or slow this page is.

This data will be collated from the ‘Chrome user experience report’ which means that it uses data from thousands of chrome users who use all the websites that are out there.

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This feature allows for high degree of user satisfaction:

Pages are graded on these levels:

  • Fast: The median value of the metric is in the fastest third of all page loads.
  • Slow: The median value of the metric is in the slowest third of all page loads.
  • Average: The median value of the metric is in the middle third of all page loads.

Pagespeed tool has the following features:

  • The Speed score categorizes a page as being Fast, Average, or Slow. This is determined by looking at the average value of two metrics: First Contentful Paint (FCP) and DOM Content Loaded (DCL). If both metrics are in the top one-third of their category, the page is considered fast.
  • The Optimization score categorizes a page as being Good, Medium, or Low by estimating its performance headroom. The calculation assumes that a developer wants to keep the same appearance and functionality of the page.
  • The Page Stats section describes the round trips required to load the page’s render-blocking resources, the total bytes used by the page, and how it compares to the median number of round trips and bytes used in the dataset. It can indicate if the page might be faster if the developer modifies the appearance and functionality of the page.
  • Optimization Suggestions is a list of best practices that could be applied to this page. If the page is fast, these suggestions are hidden by default, as the page is already in the top third of all pages in the data set.

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Here is a screenshot of the pagespeed report of one site:


With the help of this data, you can make several changes with the help of your developer and modify some pages which will give the people coming to your site a better experience.


In conclusion, it can be said that pagespeed is definitely vital for your website, but the effect it has on your website’s ranking is less.

Not all users would get information on the traffic and data from the Chrome user experience report to be graded. Their respective sites need much more traffic for data to be generated.

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