Google Search Console – Providing Webmasters A First Hand Report About The Effects Of AMPlifying Pages

Google’s AMP has helped webmasters to ensure that their mobile users experience faster loading websites. The technology takes advantage of the various technical approaches to prioritize speed and provide a faster browsing experience to mobile users. However, just implementing the AMP technology is often not enough for publishers as they would like to know about how AMPlifying the pages have affected their presence in search engine results. This is important to help the publishers to not only learn about the AMP pages that have already been detected and indexed by Google but also about any errors or issues in the yet to be indexed AMP pages.

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What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free service offered by the technology giant enabling webmasters to monitor the presence of their website in Google search results. In addition, it also enables webmasters to maintain their webpages, including the AMP pages, by requesting Google to index them so that the changes are updated in search results.

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Getting Started With Google Search Console

In order to start using the services offered by Google Search Console, the webmasters first need to register. In case the webmasters have a pre-existing Google account, they can use it for sign into Search Console. Alternately they can create a new account to be used exclusively with the Search Console. Google will use this account to validate the ownership of the sites and webpages that they need to monitor and maintain. However, before the validation can be done, the webmasters need to understand the following.

  • Sites or webpages protected by a password cannot be verified by Google search console. As such the webmasters should remove any such passwords before initiating the verification process and they can then restore the passwords after the domain has been verified.
  • All custom domains offered by third-party providers must be connected properly. In such cases, it is advisable for the webmasters to wait for a period of at least 72 hours after connecting the domain and before verifying it through Google Search Console.
  • Google Search Console cannot verify sites that are still on a trial run. Webmasters should upgrade their websites to paid service before initiating the verification process.

Once a domain has been verified, webmasters do not need to sign into their associated Google account to ensure the inclusion of the AMP pages in the search results. However, signing in can help them learn about the AMP pages that are have been indexed and hence will appear in the search results.

Monitoring Performance Of AMP Pages

In order to monitor the performance of their AMP pages in Google serach results, the webmasters need to access the Search Analytics Report in Google Search Console. The report provides the following information about the AMP pages being observed.

  • Queries that display the AMP pages as a part of the search results
  • Enable the comparison of AMP page metrics against other search results
  • View the changes in the visibility of the AMP pages over a period of time
  • List AMP related issues for unindexed web-pages that need to be identified and resolved.

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