Google Search News – November Edition!

Google search news carrier regular updates regarding Google search for publishers and webmasters. This episodes cover the following seo:

  • Site Kit, which is a WordPress plugin makes it convenient to connect website or blogs to various Google services, namely, Analytics, Search Console etc. It can be of use for WordPress site users.
  • Google Search console which is a free web tool which helps to see the way Google search sees the website. A number of updates have been made to the console in the form of fresher data report, speed report and information about videos.
  • A number of webmaster conferences in Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok were conducted.
  • A series for beginner site owners was launched on YouTube, which talks all about Google Search.

How Do The Best SEO Company In Sydney Structure The Search Engine Optimized Page?

There has been an increase in a number of options which are available for previewing the website.

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