Google Search Result Pages To Undergo Significant Change With Extended Title And Description Lengths

Google is known for making constant efforts to enhance its systems for a better user experience and ensure that they get the most appropriate search results. In keeping with the same, the search engine giant has recently changed the search result pages by extending the length of the titles and descriptions. Although Google has not made any official announcement about any such changes, it was initially observed by Ross Hugens on Twitter and later Jennifer Slegg also reported about the same on The SEM Post.

These latest changes allow the title tags to have a length of 70-71 characters as compared to earlier 50-60 character limit. Even the space used for organic search results has been extended from 500 pixels to 600 pixels. The length of meta descriptions has also been increased by 100 characters per line while the number of accepted lines has been increased from 2 to 3. This is being considered as a significant change as it enables the page publishers to better explain to the users what the page is all about. According to Redditor Jonathan Jones, this step from Google has affected the CTR in a positive manner. He also   suggests comparing the CTR from before May 4 to truly understand the impact of current changes.

Even though these changes will prove extremely beneficial for SEO’s who have been struggling with the earlier character restrictions, experts say that it is advisable to wait and watch for some time. This is primarily because Google has failed to officially confirm the implementation of the changes, even though they are believed to have become effective since May 4th. It is highly speculated that these changes might have been implemented on an experimental basis as a part of Google’s A/B testing and might be rolled back any time. So it is better for the SEO’s to start changing their strategies according to the new changes only after Google confirms their permanent implementation.

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