Google Seeks Feedback From Webmasters About The Necessity Of More Than 90 Days Of Search Analytics Data

With the growing importance of SEO for ensuring improved web performance and beating competition, it is not surprising that SEO professionals as well as webmasters are seeking ways to enhance the process. In this respect, the one major request that an increasing number of SEOs have been stressing on is to be granted with availability of greater number of days of data in Search Analytics.  Although the internet offers several tools to download data at regular intervals, the availability of the data within the Search Console itself is a much preferred option for the SEO’s.

In April 2012, Google increased the duration of data available in the Google Search Console Search Analytics to 90 days. Later, in September 2013, the technology giant informed the webmasters that it might increase the duration to 1 year. Although the company failed to keep its word in that year or even the next, in 2015, the webmasters were again given hope that the promise would be fulfilled sometime in that year.

However, come 2016, the provision of 1 year worth of data has still not been fulfilled by Google. Rather the company is now seeking a feedback from users and webmasters about the need for such long duration. With the current duration, webmasters can view a wide range of data including total clicks, average position, impressions, and average click through rate for specific keywords for their website rankings.

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The reason behind Google is seeking the feedback is that it already enables the webmasters to export and store the data locally. In addition, the company has also released a Search Analytics API that enables users to automate the data retrieval process and create their own reports. In addition, the users can benefit from several other paid online tools that offer the facility of exporting and storing data locally. However, this surely does not compare with the experience of having the data built into the Google Search Console.

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Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, Zineb Ait Bahajji, has requested users to provide a structured feedback from users about how they would use more than 90 days of data in Search Analytics. The GSC users can provide their feedback on twitter with the hashtag #moredataSAN. According to Miss Zineb, Google is still looking into the matter and it will take a final decision only after   reviewing all the reasons provided in the feedback.

As per the current trends, a large percentage of SEO professionals are in favor of availability of one year worth of data. This is primarily because Google Analytics no longer provides keyword data and the increased data  volume will enable them to gain information about the best performing keywords from the previous year. They can even compare the data available over years to enhance the viability and effectiveness of their SEO strategies and even track their overall performance along with the business growth.  So, for GSC users seeking an increase in the number of days of data available in the Search Analytics, it is the right opportunity to ensure the same by providing their feedback. All they need to do is login to twitter and offer their feedback.

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