Google Webmaster Central Blog Gets A New Address

One of the primary objectives of taking any business online is to enhance its reach and profitability. To ensure the same, webmasters make use of various SEO tools and strategies that help them to make the website easy to find for targeted users and also establish its credibility as a trusted brand. One of the most effective tools used by webmasters to help them get the best benefits is blogging, which is why it is not surprising that Google offers the facility of Webmaster Central Blog.

The official Webmaster Central Blog was first established in 2007 to assist the web designers and developers in improving the manner in which they presented the content to search engines as well as users. Two years later, in 2009, Google also launched the official YouTube channel to ensure that the webmasters were able to better comprehend the requirements and expectations of successful content. Since then, this important webmaster tool has been helping webmasters to create the most effective and result oriented content.

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However, recently Google changed the address of Webmaster Central Blog. While the reasons behind the move are not quite clear, it will help people recognize when they’re reading an official Google blog. The company also intends to roll out the change to all its blogs in future. The users will be automatically redirected to the new address of, which will ensure that any bookmarks and links stored in the previous address will remain unaffected.

However, the move will affect the comments received on the various entries. This means that the users will no longer be able to access any contributions and feedbacks that they might have received over the past several years.

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