Google’s Featured Snippet Undergoes New Change For Enhanced Web Searching Experience

People, who regularly conduct online searches, might have noticed a change in the manner in which search results are being displayed by Google over the past several days.  In addition to providing a sneak peek into the content to be found in the top most search result, users also get to know what other people searched for with respect to their search query. The questions asked by other users are presented in multiple rows within a box titled “People Also Ask”, which generally appears in the first page of the search result pages. This modified method of presenting search results is due to the latest change made by the technology giant in its featured snippet.

Getting Familiar With The PAA Box

As mentioned before, the PAA box is basically a collection of questions that are displayed as a part of the SERP results and are linked with the initial search query entered by a user. Each PAA box contains multiple questions with the maximum number being limited generally to 4 or 6. The users can click on individual questions to open up the respective Featured Snippet and the associated URL. It also features a Search For section, which has the question displayed in the form of a URL and clicking it refreshes the browser window to display the search results for that question. The Featured Snippet for a specific question can be closed by clicking on the question once again.

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More About The PAA Box

It is important for the users and webmasters to understand that the PAA box is not displayed for every type of search query. The number of questions displayed in the box also vary according to the search query, with some search queries leading to generation of 5-6 questions and others generating only 1or 2. It has also been observed that, even though PAA plays are emerging as extremely important players in the SERP scenario, their position is not fixed. While in most cases the PAA box appears almost immediately after the Featured Snippet, in other cases it can appear some rows beneath the snippet or even at the bottom of the first page. It is also quite common for users to find questions within the PAA box that are duplicates of an earlier question in meaning but generally use different words.

How Does PAA Prove Helpful

Google has time and again made changes to its various features and services with the aim of ensuring a better user experience and the addition of PAA in search results is just another such change. While the PAA box might not appear in case of all search queries, in the ones where it appears, it can help users learn about things that are closely related to their search term. This can prove especially beneficial in case the users have coined up a search term randomly as they might be unsure of the exact keywords to be used. The PAA boxes can also prove beneficial for people seeking extensive information about a specific topic. It can help them save considerable time and effort by eliminating their need to type in different keyword strings relevant to the topic individually.

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