Google’s New Mobile Friendly Test API – For Timely Checking of Mobile Friendliness of Web Pages

In keeping with the growing need to develop mobile friendly web pages, Google had launched the mobile friendly test tool back in 2014. The tool enabled the webmasters to verify whether or not a specific webpage fulfilled the criteria by which Google accessed its level of “mobile friendliness”. All the users needed to do was to type the url of the website that needed to be checked for mobile friendliness in the search box of the tool to get an accurate reading of how mobile friendly the site actually was.

However, the fact that the tool could only be used manually, made it somewhat limited in its application. This is because the tool could not be used in coordination with automated software to check the live web pages, which might become unsuitable and less mobile friendly due to some accidental changes. It is perhaps with a view to overcome this drawback that Google introduced the new API for the Mobile Friendly Test Tool, which extends the usability of the software.

With this new addition, the tool can be integrated with automated software to monitor the most important web pages for any instances of accidental regressions in templates that might hamper their mobile friendliness. It not only helps to save considerable time in checking the mobile friendliness of web pages but ensures faster resolution of issues.

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