Great Website Redesign Tips For Enhancing Effectiveness Of SEO

There are various reasons that might lead businesses to invest in redesigning their websites. However, it is important to ensure that the time money and effort spent on the process actually helps to improve the SEO efficiency of the website. Discussed below are some effective website redesign tips suggested by a professional SEO company in Liverpool to ensure better optimization results.

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Using 301 Redirects

The 301 redirects help in preserving upto 99% link equity of the websites being redesigned by offering the facility of permanent redirects. This ensures that the content is kept on the same URL while the website is being redesigned.

Running Content Quality Test

According to the professionals providing best SEO services Manchester, overlooking the importance of running content quality tests before uploading it on redesigned websites can prove catastrophic. It is important to ensure that the volume of any old content, as well as the resolution and quality of any videos and images, are in tandem with the new design specifications to ensure a seamless browsing experience.

Updating Internal Links And Backlinks

Even the most affordable SEO company London stresses the importance of updating all the internal and backlinks of the websites once the redesign process is complete. The inability to do so can negatively impact the optimization strategies for the website and make it difficult for the users to find the site.

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