Helping Publishers And Users Get More Out Of Visual Searches On Google Images With AMP

Google Images has made a series of changes to help people explore, learn, and do more through visual search. An important element of visual search is the ability for users to scan many ideas before making a decision, whether it’s buying a product, learning more about a stylish space, or finding instructions for a DIY project. Often this involves loading lots of web pages, which can significantly slow down searches and prevent users from completing tasks.

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As previewed at Google I / O, we launched a new AMP powered feature on Google Images on the mobile web, Swipe to Visit, which makes it faster and easier for users to browse and visit web pages. After Google Image users choose an image to see on a mobile device, they will get a preview of the website’s header, which can be easily swiped up to load web pages instantly.

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Swipe to Visit using the AMP prerender’s ability to preview the page displayed at the bottom of the screen. When a user swipes a preview, the webpage is displayed instantly and the publisher receives the page view. This speed and ease of experience makes it more likely for users to visit publisher sites, while still allowing users to continue their browsing sessions.


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