Here Are The SEO Title Tag Hacks To Increase Traffic!

You must be wondering is title tags are still important for SEO? Indeed, they are! As per studies conducted by different companies offering professional SEO services New York, a slight change in the title tag can bring measurable difference in the rankings. Basically, it is the click-through rate of the title tag that matters. Here are some of the SEO title tag hacks, you can experiment with in the quest to increase traffic to your website:

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  • Numbers

Numbers are something which can pop out at the readers and thus tend to get a higher click through rate. The reason for this is the cognitive bias, which means that our brain can easily find out things that stand out, and numbers can easily stand out and are specific. So, a title like, ‘5 SEO title tag hacks’ can work well.

  • Length

The best SEO company in New York maintains that they have come across titles which are either too long or too short while conducting an SEO audit. A short title sounds diluted, while a long title sounds stuffed. The best way is to keep the length of title between 50-60 characters and use only those keywords in the title, which the visitors might be entering into the search engine.

  • Call To Action

The best SEO New York companies maintain that the title should carry a call-to-action. Words such as listen, search, find, buy, watch, download, learn etc., can add a little more excitement to the title because they motivate the user to do something. It is a great boost to the click-through rate.

  • Questions

Questions always make the greatest title tags. By asking questions in the title, you can create a kind of curiosity in the mind of the readers. And, then the post can completely satisfy the query raised in the title.

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