Here’s Why Your Conversion Rate Is Low!

If you see your conversion rate getting dropped, don’t get disheartened as conversion rate in no way is a reflection of the innovativeness and quality of your product and business strategy. There are certain mistakes being committed which can be a reason for low conversion rate.

Understanding Google PageSpeed Insights

Here are some of the reasons, please take a look:

  • Unimpressive Website

Does your website fail to impress visitors and look unprofessional? Is the quality of images an issue? Are you using a clear and catchy logo design for your business? Since, website is the first impression you make on a prospective customer, make sure it is the best. The website should have all the elements an impressive website design must have.

  • SEO Optimization Not Done

Having an impressive web design is not enough! The content on the website must be optimized for the keywords as well as mobile searches. Lack of SEO optimization will make your website not pop up in SERPs causing low or even negative conversion rates. Do yourself a favour and hire the top SEO company in Israel for doing SEO optimization task for your website.

  • Content

Generic content never attracts traffic! Content should be informative, interesting and persuasive at the same time. A boring content reflects upon the  business in terms of low conversion. For error free and crisp content you may hire any of the best Israel SEO company.

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