How Are On-Page Ranking Factors Compared During An SEO Audit?

SEO audit is being conducted by the top SEO Munich companies to understand how far they have reached with the SEO efforts being made. The number of factors which determine the on-page rankings are huge and so is their importance. Here are certain ranking factors that must be taken into consideration:

What Are The Best Strategies For Finding Hashtags For The Audience?

  • Website URL

The URLs need to be user friendly with the placement of the relevant keywords and should have no overlap.

  • Content Of The Web Page

A lot of time is being devoted by the best SEO Dusseldorf firms for the SEO audit of the content of the website. Content is audited on following factors:

  • Content is thin if pages have a few words or sentences
  • Content is unique or not
  • Content is keyword rich if the keyword density is good for the targeted keywords
  • The appearance of the keywords in the content
  • Meta Tags

Although underestimated, these tags do have a good role to play when it is about rankings. Thus, the meta tags should be properly filled and the name of the page which it refers to must be present.

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