How Best SEO Amsterdam Optimize The Infographic For SEO?

These days infographics are doing an amazing business and are loved by all. They are considered to be the best way of delivering complicated information with great ease to the readers. Infographics are nothing but images which carry more information.

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According to the top SEO agency Amsterdam, here are some of the things that one should do to make infographic SEO optimized. Let’s understand:

  • Keyword Research

Indeed, the keywords can’t be inserted in the body of an infographic, but, there are a few places where it can be inserted in the form of a short-tail keyword.

  • File Name

According to best SEO Amsterdam firms, the file name has huge importance in Google Analytics and one should refrain from using generic names. There should be no keyword stuffing in the file name to avoid it from looking spammy.

  • URL

The best SEO services Amsterdam, aims at creating short URLs for infographics which contain 3 to 4 words or a maximum of 50-60 characters. Also try to include one or two keyword in the URL.

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