How Do The Best SEO Company In Sydney Structure The Search Engine Optimized Page?

On-page optimization is required to make the web page search engine friendly. But, there a number of factors which decide the SEO optimization of any web page.

How Best SEO Amsterdam Optimize The Infographic For SEO?

Here are some of the ways adopted by the best SEO company in Sydney for search engine optimization:

  • SEO friendly URL Extensions

According to the best SEO company Melbourne, more weightage is given to the first 3-5 words in a URL. So, instead of using a long extension for URL, use an abbreviated key phrase.

  • Title Optimization

The top SEO company Adelaide ensure that the title is kept within 55 characters and has the target keyword in it. The trick here is to ensure that Google displays first 50 characters of the title tag as fits into display.

  • Visual Media

Images, videos, pictures and Gifs- the web arena is now dominated by these elements. These visual media elements help in boosting the user-interaction signals which is of great importance to Google.

  • Keyword Usage

For SEO purpose, it is important that the targeted keywords are dropped in the first 100-150 words of the content. Also, the related keywords should be used with caution as these are analyzed by Google to determine the relevancy of a web page.

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