How Much Does The Technical SEO Cost?

The top SEO company in Israel has regularly been approached by various organisations to carry out the technical SEO for them. But, the only bone of contention comes in the form of the price of carrying out technical SEO. There is a wide range in the pricing model used by best SEO Israel companies.

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Here are some pricing approaches used for technical SEO:

  • Monthly Retainers

They make the SEO budget pretty predictable as the companies hiring the services are required to pay for the services once a month.

  • Project-Based Pricing

This is the most popular pricing model used for technical SEO. Project costs can be predictable, but if the company changes the order then the cost may vary.

  • Hourly SEO Rates

This is the least predictable of all the pricing models used for technical SEO services. In such cases, the clients sometimes end up paying more than the bargained price in case they hire a less than speedy SEO consultant.

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