How Professional SEO Services Miami Ensure URL Optimization?

There are numerous ways for optimizing the website for SEO, right from producing the content to creating meta descriptions and optimizing images. But, often URL optimization is an aspect which is left in abeyance. The affordable SEO company San Francisco maintains that url optimization plays a key role in rankings.

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Let’s have a look at how the companies providing professional SEO services Miami ensures that the URLs are optimized in order to gain the best search engine rankings:

  • Short URLs

50-60 characters; that’s the maximum. Anything greater than 100 will get you penalized from both the search engines and the users. The other reason why you should go for short URLs is that they are easier to read, copy, paste and share.

  • Easy To Comprehend

Google uses its bots to crawl on web page and judge on how people will engage with the particular web page in order to give the search engine ranking. So, it is a child’s play for Google to read tons of numbers and characters as URL, but not for humans. So, if they will not understand the URL, they won’t focus on the page. Thus, while optimizing the URL, the companies providing professional SEO services DC ensures that whole words and no numbers or abbreviations are used. The URL should be a reflection of the content of the webpage.

  • Hyphens

Hyphens can be read by Google, but not the underscores. So, if words of url needs to be separated, make use of hyphens.

  • Target Keywords

Keywords are invariably included in the content, so why not the URL also? The Denver SEO consulting firms believes that if keywords are there in URL also, the user experience will be enhanced particularly when it is shared using email or any other social media platform. Secondly, URL plays a key role when people chooses the link for opening and reading purpose.

  • No Capitals

URLS are case sensitive. Most of the people don’t use the capitals when searching online. Thus, if the URL is in capital letters, it will not show up in the search engine. Hence, URLs should be in lowercase only.

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