How Small Business Website Home Page Should Look?

These days it has become mandatory for every small business to establish its web presence on the web. This is the reason for a number of small businesses to build their own website. Attracting the visitors to a website is indeed a problem, but maintaining those visitors by engaging them after their arrival is a major problem. The home page is considered as the initial point for any visitor to make an impression about your business and its prospects. Thus, the home page plays a crucial role in the conversion process of a visitor into a customer. This is the reason that creating a home page for a small business website is no child’s play. Here are few of the important aspects you must consider while creating the home page for your small business:

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  • Headline And Sub Headlines

The headline is an important aspect of the home page. The headline should be such that a three second glance of the visitor on the headline of the home page can give the visitor a clear cut idea about the offerings of the business. The headline should be short, crisp and to the point. There should be no beating about the bush. The sub headline of the home page should give a description of the offerings of the business. Try to avoid the usage of any sort of jargon or the habit of over explaining about yourself. You can incorporate a tag line for your business on the website.

  • Keep It Simple And Not Cluttered

The home page for a business website must be a simple one and not the cluttered one. The simple home page attracts repeat visitors as they can swiftly shift from widget to another ad or thumbnail. This way they can access each and every information for which they logged on to your website. A standout image on the website should speak for the products, the small business is offering to the customers. The simple design of the home page will arouse a positive reaction from the visitors and within no time they will convert into loyal customers.

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  • Search Box

For any website a search box is an essential thing. This gives the liberty to the users to make use of the box whenever they need to search for something rather than scanning the entire website for it. The box must accommodate set of words so that the query of the visitor can be satisfied to the best level.

  • Remain Up to Date

Those business websites who never update their content and happenings on the website are considered as a set back. The business can make use of the social media for promoting the products. But for this to happen, it becomes mandatory to remain active on the social media. The live feeds of the recent posts should be made on Twitter and Facebook.  The feed should be automatically updated on the home page each and every time a tweet is made or a share is done.

  • Creating Call to Action

The goal of the home page is to make the visitors dig deeper and deeper into the website so that they can move down the buying funnel. At least 2-3 call to actions should be made available at the home page so that the customers could be directed to different stages of buying.

  • Scroll Bar

A lot many times the scroll bar scrolls in nano seconds and it takes ages for the content to appear in front of the eyes. What does that mean? It simply means that the home page struggles hard to load the extra stream of content that is present once you scroll. Do you want your visitors to consider your website as a lazy one? I guess you don’t. Instead of scrolling on the home page, link each and every category to separate channels or category pages where the detailed information would be made available.

  • Meaningful Graphics

While designing the home page, always remember it’s the home page and not a decorative tapestry. Do not make your home page a decorative one with a number of over formatted graphics. Images are considered as powerhouse only till the time they interests the users, otherwise they are nothing less than the irrelevant icons. If you are selling some regular use things, try to showcase the graphics related to common people, instead of using pictures of top notch models.

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