How The SEO Company In San Francisco Aids In Attracting Readers Towards The Blog?

As per the research done by professional SEO company Washington DC, nearly 80% of the users just scan through the blog instead of sitting and reading the entire content. This is the prime reason the Miami best SEO company churns out the blogs and make it more engaging with a compelling content and loads of information.

Finding Expert SEO Company For Business success

Let’s find how the blogs are made more attractive to readers by SEO company in San Francisco:

  • Authentic Content

The blogs should disseminate only the authentic information if it has the urge to drive traffic. The blog should be of value to the audience who invests their time in reading the same. If the content is genuine, the readers will curiously pour in to read the stuff.

  • Power Of Media

Adding some compelling video adds to the dynamism of the blog. Go for good images, infographics, audio or video to enhance the quality of the blog. Also, such additions to the blog breaks the monotony of the content. Many of the readers prefer watching videos instead of reading the full-fledged content of the blog.

  • Formatting

The content should be reader-friendly and electrifying at the same time. When structuring the paragraphs, they should be kept short with proper spaces and should come with heading and sub-headings.

  • Subscription Section

Give a subscription section for the readers, which furnish updates whenever the new content is added. The automatic subscription can turn the random blog visitors to the permanent readers.


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