How To Make Testimonials More Convincing?

Customer reviews are considered to be one of the greatest ways to build trust in the mind of current and prospective customers. There are certain ways of making the customer reviews even more appealing and convincing. The best SEO company in Sydney is adding the human elements to persuade customer t subconscious levels.

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Here are some of the ways used by top SEO company in Adelaide to make the testimonials more noteworthy:

  • Customer Photos

Adding customer photos next to the review add a factor of authenticity and makes the review appear to be more truthful. This is because humans trust other human faces more than their words.

  • Stories

Stories are always loved by humans. This is the reason the best SEO company Melbourne often provides customer feedback in the form of a relatable story. They describe the customer’s problem, then how the brand helped the customer and lastly a happy ending.

  • Number And Other Statistics

Exact percentages and numbers help in making the judgment more valuable and clear to the audience. On seeing the specific figures, the audience believe that a lot of calculations and research must have been done in the backend to arrive at the particular figure, which in turn increases the level of trust.

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