How Top SEO Companies In Philadelphia Uses SERP To Prepare Keywords?

The top SEO companies in Philadelphia do a lot of things when it is about preparing a robust list of keywords. If you are also losing out on your sleep in order to prepare a list of keywords, then, all you need to do is to focus on SERP, as it can tell you a lot of things in relation to keywords.

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  • ‘People Also Ask’

This is a box which contains the questions typed by various individuals at the time of making an initial query in Google. The box expands to reveal answers Google pulled from different websites. However, Google is always not making the selection of these questions based on the search queries. The questions are machine generated.

  • Related Searches

Another feature of Google being used by the best Atlanta SEO Company is taking inspiration from the eight related searches present at the bottom of the SERP. It can become the query for a new SERP on being clicked.

  • People Also Search For

This box attaches itself to organic URLs and contains a number of queries related to the URL. With up to 8 terms per SERP, the affordable SEO company Los Angeles gets dozens of ideas for preparing keywords.

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