Insights On SERP And Adapting To The Changes

Search engines have always helped the user to find all the information they desire to know about. It has become more dynamic with time and most of the search has now been done using the smart phone. Covering about 57% of the searches via a mobile device; Google also revealed that the voice search has also increased to 20% as compared to the previous figures.

SERP also known as Search Engine Result Page has become very innovative in its view. Now people do not like to look at the content but some rich text with more images and videos along with links that can be explored in depth.

The content should be visually appealing and make the user connect with it within seconds. This would improve the sales of the company and make the brand much stronger. The main money-making source is the paid searches which are routed through such search results. The more you search a product the more you get paid for it.

The world of virtual advertising is very different from the offline mode. The Product Listing Ads were doubled in size by Google in the year 2015 post the growth rate identification. The had announced in the last year that up to four searches can be made possible for an ad as compared to three previously. This was for the highly commercial queries. It does not matter if you are not involved in the paid search but you need to be on track with the changes ongoing in this field as the users may get affected from the design and the layout of the SERP when it comes to organic listings.

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Earlier the content would be presented as per the keywords entered and it did not matter if the content was presented in a way or not. But now the viewers need a treat for their eyes and this has become a necessity for the SEO guys. They need to dig in deep to get the right content and the outcome from it. It would not at all be easy for them as rich snippet is a must with every link. Gone are the days when 10 blue links would populate on the screen for you to go through each one of them and decide your fate.

Now the viewer needs the best available resource along with good ads so that they can get to the right supplier. Tis is also beneficial for the company as they get hot leads and get conversion faster than the thought. The online marketing is a huge market as the investment is lesser as compared to the physical store and the penetration is huge as well as the marketing skills get to the nook and corner of the world. This is the best way to increase your sales globally and make the brand recognition reach new highs.

For instance, if you wish to find the best place to visit for a vacation, you would be given links that are helpful. But what if these links have some videos of the people who have already visited the place and the images that would help them to decide better. The icing on the cake would be the maps and the directions along with the journey and the ways to reach the destination from your location. All this would make the person use the information and get to the roots to decide there and then on the booking and enhance the sales of the company hosting such holidays.

It all depends on the focus that SEO companies keep on the product delivery to the viewers. This would increase the sales and give a return on investment to the clients.

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