Job Search Becomes Way Easier And Hassles Free : Thanks To Google For Jobs!!

In the world of cut-throat competition and struggle to come out with the best, searching for a job is quite a daunting task. While vacillating through job listings and hitting the “Apply” button at different job portals is something in routine for job seekers, it definitely requires a lot of time and effort. This is particularly relevant in the case of freshers who are just setting out their foot in the real industrial world to find work.

To make this process hassle free and less tedious, Google has come up with its biggest search engine project “Google for Jobs”. It is a company wide common platform that has been designed for both employers as well as jobseekers to find and hire the best talent thereby creating matching opportunities for the deserving candidates.

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How does the “Google for Jobs” concept work?

With a base idea to make job finding less quirksome, Google for jobs will take away the need to navigate through multiple job platforms thereby preventing coming across duplicate or non-pertinent jobs.

  • A jobs seeker will simply have to run a query like “jobs for freshers”, or ‘Jobs in the field of advertisement’ or anything relevant that he/she is searching for and the search engine will return back a list of jobs through the all new search widget!
  • A user can further refine their job query by choosing part-time positions or filtering it based on location, industry, salary prospects etc. Moreover, once a user comes across the right query that offers vacancies that work for them, they can turn on the “notification feature” to get updated as soon as a new job listing gets posted.

How Can You Make Your Google Ranking Better?

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Talking of the present scenario, Google is solely focusing on the third-party websites to collect its job listings and is nowhere planning for self-hosting. Some big names including LinkedIn, Facebook, Monster, Glassdoor etc. Have been on Google’s powerhouse for collecting job listings. Some other giant companies such as Johnson & Johnson and FedEx have been assessing this project to judge its efficiency, and an increase of 18 percent in job applications has been witnessed as announced by Sunder Pichai, CEO at Google.

It is still uncertain if Google will dive into the market before launching its very own job search engine or not, like the peers, say, Monster or Indeed. But as of now, Goggle translates a user job search query to a third party platform in order to apply. As far as Bloomberg stats are to be believed, a whopping $300 billion was generated by Indeed within the first quarter of 2015. IBIS estimations have been reported as $400 annually and this definitely creates an exciting scope for Google to carry forwards its legacy.

The Bottom Line

While, this project is definitely a commendable step, there are two trends that have been offering disruption i.e. storytelling and gamification. There is a long wait to see how Google will incorporate these elements to refine this “ easy job search” feature, given its enormous capability to procreate something as simple as web surfing.

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