Know The Tips To Improve SEO KPIs

Do you have a product that didn’t do very well in the past? Well, you have a fresh year to start the losses and come over the learning phase too. Adam Dorfman, a popular columnist advises that for any product to succeed in the market, one must start thinking like a product manager. You can start doing this by focusing and laying more importance on activities that help you meet the goal of your company.

He says that he learned it late but what he learned had actually helped him in taking a leap in his product development and introduction to the world. According to him, there are many common things between an SEO and product managers. Let us know the common points.

  • They are the front line operators of a brand
  • The outcomes they give are measurable
  • Both the rank holders have variable KRAs to meet
  • They both struggle in measuring and communicating the impact of their work to their clients.

These are the two departments that are closely observed by the higher management. They are therefore more competent than others in the field. They have bigger responsibilities and bigger roles to play.

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Challenges an SEO faces

  • Reports of SEOs are detailed but not useful. You need to stop mentioning links and their importance in your report
  • Add data that is necessary and inevitable. If there is any information that you think is not at all important or of insignificance. Clients don’t want to know where you are spending and how much are you. When you show those details, they might come up with more questions that you would want to escape
  • Ranking is good as long as they are getting the result. If they are ranking well but are not making any revenue out of their website, the website is of no worth
  • Clients want to know the money they are making. Send reports of what the clients were earning then and what they are earning now. On seeing the upward curve, their eyes will brighten and become happier

Challenges of a product manager

Just like a team of SEO, product managers too need to know their limitations and learn the best ways of dealing with a situation.

  • Product managers constantly focus on getting perfect result. Nothing is perfect. You need to understand that getting the desired result is your ultimate goal not getting a perfect number
  • Instead, the product managers should be working on giving the best input for the activities that help in meeting the important goals of a company of a client

If we have a close look, SEO and product managers have quite the same role. If they work in unity, most difficult tasks of a company can be sorted in the wink of an eye. As an SEO or a product manager, be goal oriented and bring about visible changes to your clients than sending reports that only fill pages and make clients confused. Think like a product manager and an SEO and drive the business.

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