Learning About The Top 10 WordPress SEO Mistakes That Need To Be Avoided

When it comes to choosing the most efficient and flexible content management system for building a website, most professional developers prefer WordPress. Considered to be one of the best platforms for search engine optimization, the CMS system has been used for building one out of every four websites existing across internet today. However, while performing SEO for a WordPress website might seem deceptively system, developers need to actually have some practice before they can get it right. Discussed below are the 10 most common WordPress SEO mistakes that developers need to avoid.

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Ignore Google Analytics:  Google analytics offers the website owners with important information about the overall performance of the site. Trying to run a website while ignoring the Google Analytics, ensures that the webmasters are unable to use the data for measuring the success of their site or learn about aspects that need improvement.

Focus On Inappropriate Keywords: Using the right keywords is essential to ensure the higher ranking of a website across search engine result pages. Focusing on inappropriate or wrong keywords can negate the benefits of other SEO tools for their website. In this respect, using Google Analytics to find the right keywords can be extremely beneficial.

Overlook Keyword Stuffing: Another common SEO mistake made by webmasters of WordPress sites is the overstuffing of keywords. Overstuffing of keywords is in fact counter-productive in terms of getting best SEO results. This is because search engines tend to downgrade websites featuring overstuffed keywords.

Not Pay Enough Attention To Headings: It is quite common for the webmasters to overlook the importance of using appropriate heading that are relevant to the content. The webmasters need to ensure that while the primary headings relate to the overall content theme, the secondary headings are relevant in accordance with the logical division of the content.

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Use Poor Quality Content: Poor quality content can prove detrimental for high rankings and general goodwill of any website. That is why it is important to use not only good quality content that is lacks any grammar and spelling errors and is also relevant to the website besides offering accurate information in an interesting manner.

Forget To Set Time Zones: Most website developers using WordPress tend to consider the task of selecting their time zone as an insignificant aspect. However, this can prevent any pre-scheduled posts from getting published at the right time. Selecting the time zone is quite simple and can ensure the timely production of content for the website blog.

Not Enable Search Engine Indexing: It is important for the webmasters to ensure that WordPress setting are set to enable indexing of the site by search engines. In fact, websites that are set to discourage the search engines from indexing the site are least likely to receive any rating from Google search engine.

Repair Broken Links: Broken or irrelevant links tends to put off potential visitors and might even turn off the existing users. This consequently causes Google to lower its ratings of the website, which in turn affects its position in search engine result pages. Thankfully, the Broken Link Checker tool offered by WordPress enables easy detection of these problems.

Ignore Meta Descriptions:  Meta descriptions are the short summaries of webpage contents displayed in search results. Even though fitting a principal keyword in this short description can be a major challenge, it can help enhance the webpage and website traffic quite significantly. Webpages with keyword enriched meta descriptions are given greater preference by search engines.

Not Submit An XML Sitemap:  Submitting an XML sitemap helps the webmasters to inform the search engine about the various aspects of the site that need to be indexed. Failure to submit the sitemap can lead the search engines to index irrelevant pages and ignore important ones.

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